Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Invaluable Writer's Tool

Recently, I joined the Christian Fiction Blog Alliance, which means I'll be providing information in the coming months about a variety of books. For some, I'll write personal reviews, for some I won't - and I don't take this responsibility lightly. If I recommend a book, it means I've read it, or in the case of today's book, read it, absorbed it, and utilized it. I'd love to hear your own comments and reviews about the books I present here on Pix-N-Pens - when you read one, come back here and leave a comment so we'll know what you think.

Now, about today's book.

When I started writing umpteen years ago, the first resource recommended to me was the Christian Writer's Market Guide by Sally Stuart. Over the years, this yearly release has become a friend and a necessity in my writing career. Last year for the first time, a CD was included with the book, and is again this year, giving computer geeks like me the fun of searching for markets on my computer. I keep a separate copy of the book on my desktop and mark it up with highlighters - potential markets for articles, books, photos. This book belongs in EVERY writer's library.

I had the pleasure of meeting Sally Stuart last Spring at the Mount Hermon Christian Writer's Conference. She is devoted to the task of helping aspiring writers, and is as precious as her picture below.

Thank you, Sally, for all the work you've done over the years to provide such a tremendous resource for all of us.


Sally Stuart has been writing for the last 40+ years, and has been putting out the annual Christian Writers' Market Guide for the last 23 years. Her other writing includes several Christian education resources books, a children's picture book, a basic writing text, writing resources, and a western novel--plus hundreds of articles and marketing columns. She writes marketing columns for the "Christian Communicator," "Advanced Christian Writer," and the Oregon Christian Writers' Newsletter. She speaks and teaches at Christian Writers' Conferences nationwide. Sally is the mother of 3 and grandmother of 8. She and her husband, Norm, spend their free time vacationing on the Oregon coast.

Check out her blog!


The essential reference tool for the Christian writer, Sally Stuart’s Christian Writers’ Market Guide is now in its 23rd annual edition!
Check out the section on Blogging on page 69...the CFBA is listed!

Writers’ Conference listings, Book Publishers, Magazine Publishers, and a Bookstore filled with the resources you need to be successful in this business. Get a Book Contract or Manuscript Evaluation, and check out the Writer’s Resource links. This book has all you need to connect to all these valuable helps for the beginning, intermediate, or professional writer.

To keep you up to date with the latest marketing news, visit Sally Stuart’s new marketing blog, Christian Writers’ Marketplace.

A new, updated version of the Christian Writers’ Market Guide is available about January 15 each year.

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Lynda Schab said...

I had the pleasure of hearing Sally at last year's FaithWriters conference. She's awesome! I actually just ordered this book this morning. Yay! Can't wait to get it.