Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Entry: A Second Chance

A Second Chance
By Debbie Roome

The door splintered open jerking her to full awareness. Pale light spilt in from the passageway, outlining the figure that was fumbling in the darkness. She knew he would find her. He always did, but it didn’t detract from the fear that coiled her insides. He located the light switch and a bare globe burned like a tiger’s eye, the dim light illuminating the dingy interior of the room. Burnt orange walls, scribbled with graffiti and a single window, grimy with age and neglect. Jeanette lay huddled on a lumpy double mattress, the only item in the room apart from her bags. The figure strode towards her and she braced herself, curling into a tiny ball as he raised a heavy booted foot and slammed it into her ribs.

Submitted by
Debbie Roome

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