Monday, January 7, 2008

Entry: See Sarah Run

See Sarah Run
By Debbie Roome

It was exactly 2pm when Sarah put a match to the kitchen curtains. The exact time she should have started preparing his dinner. She’d lived with his routines for so long that she almost needed to be guided by them. The curtains caught quickly and searing flames leapt up to the ceiling boards. Billows of acrid smoke rolled across the counter tops and blobs of burning nylon from the curtains ignited a recipe book. Fascinated, she watched, marveling at how quickly the fire was spreading. The windows were open and the flames were greedily sucking in the oxygen they thrived on. An exploding bottle shocked her back to reality. The plan! She had to keep to the plan! The spare room was the one closest to the road and she flung open the windows.

Submitted by:
Debbie Roome

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