Monday, January 7, 2008

Contest: Are they HOOKED?

Hooking a reader into the story is paramount for writers. Does your first paragraph hook the reader enough to pull them into your story?

Welcome back, Pix-N-Pen readers! Happy New Year! We have some exciting contests and a few changes for you in the coming months, so spread the word and encourage your friends to participate. How do you like the new look?

This week's contest: Give us your best hook! Submit the opening paragraph of your book or story - 250 words max - for a chance to win. Send your entry to tracyruckman [at] by Sunday night, January 13th. The winner will be announced next Tuesday, January 15th.

Our special guest judge is...gosh, I was going to say a "consummate hooker" but that didn't come out right! :-) She writes GREAT opening hooks. Whew. That's better - now maybe she'll let me off the hook.

Janice Thompson is the author of books in a wide variety of genres—everything from inspirational romance, to cozy mysteries, historicals, non-fiction books and devotion. She currently juggles her time between writing for the Christian market and editing for clients through her new company, Writers GPS.

Janice is giving away an autographed copy of her book The Wedding Caper, which has an awesome hook of its own: "I've had an aversion to Tuesdays ever since the day my husband robbed the Clark County Savings and Loan."

Send us YOUR hook and WIN!


Melanie Dickerson said...

Oh, yes, I LOVE this first line! It's a classic.
Hi, Janice! Hi, Tracy! (I feel like those people who stand outside The Today Show holding up a sign!)

Tracy Ruckman said...

Hey, girl! We're waving right back at ya! (Get on in here, outta that cold!)

Yes, it's a GREAT line!

Are you going to share one of yours?

Lynda Schab said...

LOL...consummate hooker. Too funny! I'd love to win a copy of Janice's book. I'd better get hooking! LOL