Friday, May 11, 2007

Mother's Day 2007

With the late or lack of entries this week honoring mothers and grandmothers (there's still time - get your entries to me by midnight Friday), I thought I'd post a few pictures of my own. One is a studio picture, the rest I took myself. I'll explain a little about each as I post them.

The first picture is of my oldest son Zach and his fiance Jessica. They've been engaged forever (well, a couple of years anyway!) and they announced last week they'll be getting married in January. Wheee!!! I'm so happy for them, and pray God will pour His abundant blessings on their union.

This third image is in honor of my mother. Growing up, we lived out in the boonies, and had lots of land around us to play on. During the spring and summer, we would traipse all over the world, gathering up armfuls of wildflowers to surprise my mother with - Queen Anne's lace was always a special prize because it seems so delicate and special. It was only years later - late teens, I think - that we realized all of these wildflowers would send my mother into major allergy attacks! Every year, when the Queen Anne's Lace blooms, I think of my mother. I had to send her a photo of it this year when it bloomed in my own new pasture!

We discovered this little lady TODAY - she was laying eggs in our driveway! We're gonna be "grand-turtles!"

And finally, Tim discovered these critters on our patio this week. They look pretty fierce, but after posting to some of my photo groups, and doing some research myself, I've learned these skinks are harmless. They are both the same type lizard; the striped one is just a baby and will eventually have a red face like the one on the left. The funny thing - these were two of the smaller ones. All week long, I'd seen several scurrying around on our oak tree outside the front door, and they were about the size of both of these put together!

So, readers, whaddya think of my photos? Let me have it!

Blessings to you, dear friends. And special prayers going up to all of you in pain during Mother's Day. Sometimes these days aren't full of Hallmark card sentiments - and I truly understand.

Hugs to each of you.

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Melanie Dickerson said...

Great photos, Tracy! You have a talent. :-) Thanks for sharing your sons with us. Congratulations on the soon-to-be daughter-in-law.