Friday, May 25, 2007

Entry: Memories - War May 21-25


Deep within the shadows of myself
a slumbering enemy awakes.
Unknown to myself all of these years;
my soul trembles and shakes.

Not reckless.
Nor rash.
It knows me in and out,
turning my love into ash.

It walks in and out of my thoughts,
yet my mind seems paralyzed.
Unable to move against it's will.
Damage leaving me traumatized.

Unable to even touch this beast.
Words like silk,
heart like a stone,
leaving me yearning for the pure milk.

A soldier caught off his guard;
fallen without a fight.
Humiliated in the presence of his enemies
and before his Lords sight.

This sorcerery cannot continue.
In His bottle He collects my tears.
Yes, even soldiers cry,
but now I must face my worst fears.


Submitted by
The Philosophical Mind

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