Saturday, May 5, 2007

Congratulations, Rachel Winslett!

Congratulations to this week's winner: Rachel Winslett.

Rachel is a 25 year old photographer on the Gulf Coast. She graduated with a degree in Radio/TV/Film in 2005 but photography and videography is her main interest. She currently works part time as secretary at her church, but cares for babies, where she has been for over six years, every afternoon. While photography is her main interest, she wants to keep it a side job. She has worked with the camera (both video and still) for years and has had numerous jobs with both. Her favorite thing to do with her God-given skill is make video montages, but she has also been asked to be a photographer in a wedding and be the videographer for a dance recital two years in a row.

Rachel is currently single, but her goals for the future is to marry the man God has for her and raise a family, and continue in the photography/videography field.

You can visit Rachel on the web at:

Give that baby a big hug for all of us!

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That baby is real cute!! Great pic, Rachel!