Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Entry: Your Choice May 28-June 1

My husband called me on my cell phone and said, “Get in the car and take this picture!” It was about one-quarter mile from our house and I had just a few seconds before the layers of sky disappeared, but it reminded me exactly of a scene while we were traveling through Italy—“Tuscany”—and to think it was in my backyard the entire time.

What fun I had going through your blog—I’m a photographer, writer, speaker (in that order!). Long story short…photography is still my passion! “A moment caught in time—just like this photograph.” The moon will never look just like that, the layers of color in the sky will never appear just that way again, and the best part (how could I forget…they just put fresh manure on the fields and I got to walk in it to take this shot!). It was stinky, but worth it! (Don’t worry…I threw the shoes away!).

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Connie Pombo

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