Thursday, May 31, 2007

Entry: Your Choice May 28 - June 1

UP, UP, and AWAY

This picture was taken in Simpsonville, SC at the Freedom Weekend Aloft Festival. Hundreds of hot air balloons amused millions of people as the balloons floated up into the air. The balloons all looked as bright and colorful as Easter Eggs and some even with designs on them of dinasours, butterflies, and roses! Watching the hot air balloons was so mesmerizing that the crowd was hushed in awe of the amazing show - almost to the point of a hypnotic trance. We watched the balloons go from the laying flat on the ground, to being filled up with air, to turning on the heat, and all the way to way way up in the sky. The flight of the hot air balloons happened all so quickly. Thanks goodness there were two rounds of hot air balloons to float up, up, and away!

Submitted by:
Beth Pearson

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