Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Congratulations, Will Thorpe!

Congratulations to The Philosophical Mind, Will Thorpe, this week's Pix-N-Pens winner! I apologize for the lateness of this announcement - I had to make a quick trip out of town that took a little longer than expected!

Here's a little about our winner, in his own words:

My name is William (Will) Thorpe and I live in a small town called Lewisburg Ohio near Dayton and am 22 years old. I attend Sinclair community college majoring in Graphic design and also take side religion/philosophy/physical education classes on the side.

I attend an interdenominational church called "Jacobs Well Fellowship." There I help out with the youth and currently have been involved with the new and free weekend paintball camp which is the start to our goal of building an equestrian center and summer camp. There I hope to serve and minister once built. I also hope to become a graphic designer and also possibly starting my own graphic design/photography business or working for some other corporation as a graphic designer.

I am also a chaplain assistant in the U.S. ARMY Reserves and have been in for four and a half years with another three and a half to go.

I currently am only working part time as a waiter at a Red Lobster where I get to serve guests. So far I make more than enough to pay for my bills, but I am now looking for a full time job (preferably in the design field) so that I can buy my own place and finally leave the parents nest.

When not at school, church or work, I enjoy ballroom, swing and latin dancing and take lessons every friday night and attend balls and swing dances. Dancing is a great passion of mine and something I greatly love. I also love art in all respects, theater, sculpture, painting and drawing. I love to study the bible, theology and philosophy and believe much can be learned from looking to our past for answers. I am not yet married am currently "keeping my eyes open" for "her," but realize that I must be patient and am blessed to have the friends and family that I currently have.

Lastly, God is my Savior and worship Him and Him alone.

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