Thursday, August 13, 2009

Random Thoughts


Sometimes I sit down to write this blog and I have a definite direction I want to take. Other times an event in my life is prominent in my thinking and that forms my thoughts. But tonight as I relax on my couch, a bowl of raspberry sherbet slowly melting beside me, I have only randomness. It's like my thoughts are as this dandelion, drifting in the wind. Try as I might, I just cannot seem to organize my thinking.

Drifting Away, Dandelion
Drifting Away, Dandelion

Writing this blog has become an inspiration in my life, and it's something I really enjoy. I have been stretched mentally to use skills I didn't know I had, and the end results are always so rewarding. I like sharing my knowledge. I like gleaning from the knowledge of others. I like learning and growing.

But sometimes I must return to where I began, as a photographer. Photographs don't require words. They don't require organized thought or mental recall. I don't have to remember anything to enjoy them. No, I need only to relax and "sponge" them in. Each line and curve, each touch of the light, soaking into my brain.


Writing blogs may now be what I do, and it feels like I do it a lot. And words are marvelous things that allow me to create and become and share. But photography is who I am. So for tonight I'll just allow all the hard stuff, the group emails, the newsletters, the leftovers from work, to melt away. And I'll indulge myself with a few photographs. I'll daydream and let my thinking just flow away...

The Power of Water, Dry Falls, North Carolina
The Power of Water, Dry Falls, North Carolina

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