Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Photo Assignment #8: Changing Perspectives

I am currently studying an awesome photography book (The Step-by-Step Photography Workshop) that had an interesting pair of photos. The photographer used the exact same location, exact same camera settings, and the photos were taken just moments apart, so the lighting was the same. The ONLY difference was the lens he used to change the perspective of the picture entirely. The composition of the picture was so different that if they had not been side-by-side and identified as the same location, I would have thought it was two entirely different places.

This week, I want us to try something similar. We all probably don't have the same lens he had, and we may not even have more than one lens. But go out and shoot some different scenes from the same angle, but try to achieve a different perspective.

Then, post BOTH shots in our Pix-N-Pens photo album. Use the password inspired to post to and/or view the album.

This should be an interesting week. Let me know what you think.

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