Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Marketing: Use Hot Topics to Promote your Book

Even before you sign a contract for your book, you should be thinking of marketing opportunities. One way to promote your book is through the details within your book.

Keep a notebook (or a document on your computer) for ideas, and make a list of any hot topics in your characters' lives.

What are hot topics? Read the headlines, listen to the news, eavesdrop on some conversations in the checkout line - hot topics are what people are talking about right now.

As you develop your characters, you're likely to hit several hot topics because real life does. Are any of your characters: divorced? an alcoholic? addict of any sort? have sexual problems or gender identity issues? suffer eating disorders? grieving over a loss? have a criminal history? Are there family secrets hidden somewhere in the past? Abusive or been abused?

Are your characters, or their family, members of the military? Are they vegetarians or vegans? Are they politically savvy? Passionate about protecting the environment, pets, or unborn babies? Do they work to help the homeless or witness to the unsaved?

Explore your answers from different aspects, then turn them into articles, short stories, and press releases. Your professional bio at the end of the published articles and short story should point readers to a link to buy your book and/or your Web site. This bio serves as "free" advertising for your product, so use the space wisely.

These hot topics can make you an "instant expert" on the subject, and with a little visibility (caused by yourself, or through word of mouth) you may be called on for radio or television interviews.

Publicity is what it's all about, right?

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