Thursday, October 16, 2008


I don't know when it happened, but at some point in my life I quit going out after dark. It could have been when my daughter was born. Her early bedtimes meant no more late nights for mom and dad. I distinctly remember the first time my husband and I went out to dinner without her. We sat across the restaurant table and stared at each other thinking the same thought, "What was she doing right now?" Parenthood is a grand thing. Children will always amaze you. But your lifestyle does alter to accommodate those small lives.

Yet once in a while, I am given an opportunity to go out after dark. I find the world at night to be an amazing place. As the darkness removes what my eyes can see, I am forced to use my hearing instead. And it is a great way to develop listening skills. Bernie Krause, a professional nature recordist, once put a twist I liked on a famous saying. He stated, "If a picture paints a thousand words, then a sound paints a thousand pictures." Perhaps that is it, the mystery of what is out there that I cannot see that appeals to me. It is all those pictures the mind generates.

Photographing the moon can be a fun project for you to do with a child. It helps to be able to zoom in, but it is not a prerequisite. By making use of the sweep of the clouds, this tiny pinpoint moon gives scale to the scope of the sky.

It Must Have Been Moonglow
September 6, 2003

It Must Have Been Moonglow

Also, notice in the above image that it was not quite dark. Surprisingly, photographing a full moon requires a faster shutter speed than is commonly believed. You will need to eliminate some of the light from the moon to capture its details. I usually spot meter on the moon itself. This last photo was hand-held. The addition of some drifting clouds gives it an eerie feel, but actually, it was quite peaceful and silent.

A Full Moon Night
October 14, 2008



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Deb - Mom of 3 Girls said...

I'm the same way - I used to be a total night owl and would go out after dark all the time. But lately I've realized that I'm hardly ever out in the nighttime. Lovely moon photos! :)

Rachel R. said...

Wow; that is an awesome photo. I am inspired to get a better camera. lol I like to go outside in the country after dark, to see the stars. :)

Cheri2628 said...

I love your photographs. My husband and I also love taking photographs.

Lori said...

This is beautiful. It could be something out of a Wolfman horror film...I think I have Halloween on the brain.


Anonymous said...

Those are beautiful!

LadyVampire2u said...

Well, given my online handle, you can probably guess I do go out at night. And your right, the night is alive with pictures made in our minds from the sounds we hear. The scary thing is, not all the sounds might register. Maybe thats why it sets a person's nerves on end when they go about in the night and the dark. Those sounds we cannot put a picture to. Because human nature seems to be to fear the unknown.

Cindy said...

Those are both awesome photos. I need to be more brave and take more photos at night.