Tuesday, October 7, 2008

I have a new job!

I am now an officially paid BLOGGER! :-) Times two!

I hope all you Pixels will drop by and see me at my two new blogs. Business here will continue as usual, with a few fun surprises in the coming days! (No, you're not getting rid of me - we're just adding another columnist to provide more value for you!)

At Vacation Planning, we discuss, um, I bet you can guess! Most of you know how much I love to travel, and plan travel, and talk about travel - and now I'm getting paid to write about it! We'll discuss destinations, saving money, travel tips, vacation themes, and more. I'm still building the site, but I hope you'll drop by and check us out. New content is added daily.

At Peace and Quiet, I share a Bible verse and a little hope. Each day, I'll provide a quick breather for someone who needs a short break - Scripture and a few paragraphs to think about as you go through your day. Looking around the cyberworld lately, there's so much bad news, so much negativity, so much busy-ness. I hope P&Q will become a respite for you at some point each and every day.

I hope I'll see you over there!

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