Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Entries #1 and #2: Dangling Foot

These comments for our Dangling Foot Contest were left elsewhere, and since we're trying to stay anonymous, I'll post them here in one batch. We asked you to create two sentences describing your reaction to someone telling you they saw a foot dangling from the carpet being hauled into your neighbor's house.

Entry #1 - BY RACHEL WINSLETT: Oh my gosh what in the world is that?? I wonder if that foot could actually be a replica of a hobbit foot that was used in Lord of the Rings for the hobbits and if it is, I need to borrow it for my Halloween costume.

Entry #2 - BY CLARKE HINKLE: I sure hope they don't get that carpet dirty, it's a nice rug and I would hate if they got stains on it...

Keep sending your entries - deadline is Friday - for your chance to win The Case of the Bouncing Grandma by our special guest judge, A.K. Arenz.

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