Thursday, October 2, 2008

The Colors of the World

A recent study of color photographs came across my screen. And by color photographs I am talking about photographs of a specific color. The images were all blue, or all red, or all yellow. It was really very creatively done and I found myself rather inspired.

Every now and again an assignment at some group or another comes up where the topic is a particular color and I find that people struggle with exactly what is required. The biggest problems are either having too little of that color or too many other colors in it as well. Rich, saturated colors can really make a marvelous photograph., but it requires stronger compositional elements to really pull off.

Here is my take on "color" photographs.


Yellow, Sugar Maple Leaves

Prickly Pear Cactus Blossom


Female Leopard Frog



Twilight Reflections, Saddle Creek Park, Lakeland, Florida

Feeling Blue


Corn Snake



Wild Plum

Juvenile Mute Swan


Suzanne Williams Photography
Florida, USA

Suzanne Williams is a native Floridian, wife, and mother, with a penchant for spelling anything, who happens to love photography.


Tracy Ruckman said...

Incredible!!! Breathtaking!! Inspiring!!! Wow!

PLEASE tell me you took that snake picture from FAAAAR away with a HUGE telephoto lense???

I especially LOVE the frog photo because I'm partial to frogs - how did you do it? Get so close?

I wanna be like you!!!

I've seen the challenges for color, and was never sure how to go about it either - I think the last one I tried was with purple - I happened to have a purple tulip that year, so it made it easy!

scw1217 said...

The snake was in my back yard and I was about 4 feet away. It was a corn snake and the largest I have ever seen. They are non-venomous and great for catching mice.

The leopard frog was in our garden pond, or rather beside it. Usually they hop away, but that one stayed and ignored me.

Tracy Ruckman said...

See - that shows you how much I know. I just saw the coloring, was afraid to look too close (HA!) and thought it was a copperhead. I'll go back and look at it more closely now that I know it's harmless! :-)

I love your garden pond - you always have such interesting creatures there. How big is it?

Ragan said...

These photos are amazing! I LOVE the vibrant colors.

scw1217 said...

Our current pond is made of concrete and is about 4' deep and 6' long. My husband built it about 15 years ago. It has no drainage and the only cleaning we do is to remove leaves once a year. It is self-sustaining, nothing needs to be fed by us. The frogs show up on their own each spring. We are in the process of moving and plan to dig a new pond at the new place. I will miss this one.

Thanks, ragan, for the encouraging comments.

Angel said...

Loved all the pics except the snake! I have a terrible phobia of them.

The other pictures were beautiful.

scw1217 said...

Thanks, Angel. A lot of people fear snakes. But I encourage people to respect them because they do serve a purpose in nature. Many snakes help to control the rodent population, including this corn snake. Usually snakes just want to be left alone and only show aggression when someone or something steps into their space.

Lori said...

These were gorgeous pictures, I mean they look like they should be in a nature magazine! You are very gifted!


Audra Marie said...

You have some amazing photos - well, except for the snake - creepy!

What a great blog and I haven't even checked out the writing side of it yet (my other interest). :)


Cindy said...

That is a really neat project. I'm constantly thinking I need to push myself to the next level, I should make this my next project. Beautiful photographs!