Saturday, May 17, 2008

We Have a Winner!

Our guest judge this week, Virginia Smith, sent the following announcement by email:

Tracy, this was a wonderful contest. Thank you for taking part in the blog tour for Sincerely, Mayla. And congratulations to all the writers for the most creative bunch of contest entries and stories I’ve ever read! I don’t know when I’ve enjoyed a contest so much. The way everyone tackled the challenge of spinning a tale that seamlessly wove those words together is an inspiration!

Selecting a winner from among these entertaining entries is nearly impossible. Karri Compton’s “In All Things” demonstrates a great lesson with compelling characters and situations. Jim Cook’s “Dolphin Link” gave me a fascinating glimpse into a future that is both scary and easy to imagine. In “A Time to Dance,” Maxine Thomas painted a poignant picture of a much-loved grandmother. I love the friendship depicted in Jessica Nelson’s “ Maui ”. Donald James Parker’s essay, “The Ego has Landed” really spoke to me—I’ve struggled with some of the same issues. The lady Mary describes in “My Trip to New York ” sounds like someone I’d like to meet. The story Debbie Roome created, “Time for a Change” drew me right in and made me want to live in that cottage, walk along that beach. Sally Chambers’ “River Reverie” is a beautiful story with a profound message. And Katie’s “Dear Diary” made me long to swim with the dolphins in the Bahamas .

But I have to select only one. It is a tough choice, and I’ve read several of the entries three or four times each. In the end, I kept coming back to “Dolphin Link” by Jim Cook. He successfully transported me into a future setting that was both fascinating and thought-provoking. That holographic monitor is an awesome gadget. To quote Will Smith in the movie Independence Day, “I got to get me one of them!” I loved the message – God is sovereign in ALL time periods.

Thanks to everyone for participating. I’m entering all of you into the drawing I’m conducting on May 19th. (For details, see Tracy ’s post below entitled “Attn Pixels: Shhhh! Another Way to Win!”) You’re an absolutely awesome bunch of writers. May God bless you as you pursue your writing endeavors.

Congratulations, Jim!

About our winner:

Jim Cook is 64-years-old. He has been married for 43 years, has one married daughter and two grandsons (Elijah and Jonah, of course!).

The son of a pioneer missionary to Utah and the Navajo Nation, Jim attended Moody Bible Institute, is active in his church, where he teaches Adult Sunday School and Bible Study from time to time. He also preaches occasionally and participates in services at the Rescue Mission of SaltLake.

Jim is an active member of the Utah Christian Writers Fellowship. He has a completed young adult novel seeking a publisher. You can read the first chapter online.

For more information, visit Jim's Web site.

Special thanks to Virginia Smith for judging this contest - I know your job was difficult choosing just one winner! Pixels - get a copy of Sincerely, Mayla - or any of Ginny's books - you'll soon have a favorite author to recommend to all your friends.

And special thanks to all participants - you are what makes Pix-N-Pens so special!

More contests and books coming up next week - and don't forget about the house essay contest! Get your entry in now - deadline for entry and fee is MAY 30th. You could win a HOUSE!

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