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Entry #4: Keywords My Trip to New York

My Trip to New York
by Mary

On my way to New York, I ran into a woman who looked like she could be as old as my Great Grandmother. She was so full of wisdome and grace, she looked like she had seen everything there is to see. Sure enough she had seen the world and been through some tough situations. I could not believe I was sitting next to such an amazing person.

She began to tell me about her childhood, living in Florida she was able to have dolphins in her backyard and she knew them by name.

She got to learn about their life, including how they ate. In fact when she grew older she taught the world their secret ways of eating. She was a marine Bioligest untill the depression struck. When half of Americe as unemployed, she was too. This brought so much distruction to her family and eventually she got enough money to move to Ireland, who seemed to be doing fine at this time. She claimed it was only going to be a few months of vacation untill America got back on thier feet. This, though is where she completely changed. She met a sailor soon after her arrival and was trying to not fall in love.

She recieved a job at the local college as a Marine Biology Professor. She commited to herself that she would stay focused on her work and keep the sailor out of her mind.

A few months went by and she could keep him in the back of her mind and have no problems, but soon she became lonley and liked to talk to him for the company. Soon, he was all she could think about and they got married. They traveled the world together and had visited most every country. They decided to settle down when the woman became pregnat. So they decided to live in Spain.

After they had their family and their children grew up, she wanted to move back to the United States, right after the Vietnam war ended. They lived together for quite some time untill 1995 when her husband died. So the now much older woman began traveling through out the U.S. and sharing her story. She wants every one to travel and to see as much of the world as they can.

Now I have made it my goal to travel and be just like the woman I met on my trip to New York.

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