Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Critique Auction for Fellow Author

Morning, Pixels! Monday came and went without a contest announcement, didn't it? Life got so busy yesterday, and I'm still catching my breath. Instead of a contest this week, let's do three things.

1) Read the review below about Lisa Samson's Embrace Me. Tremendous book. Then buy it and read it!

2) Send in photos of spring where you are. Send up to 3 photos each. This week, they won't be judged, just admired for their beauty.

3) Participate in an auction to help a fellow writer.

Kelly Mortimer, literary agent, is coordinating auctions and pledge drives to help fellow author Robin Miller pay her mortgage for the rest of this year while her husband is unable to work. I have volunteered my critique services as one of the auctions - you can bid on a 3-Chapter Critique from me and help out Robin in the process.

Visit the ebay page Kelly set up to bid on my services. Bidding starts at just $19.99, or you can purchase now for $200. If someone buys it now, therefore ending the bidding wars, I'll donate another critique for bidding, too!

You can also bid on a one chapter critique from fellow writer Cheryl Wyatt, and a professional one-sheet/bookmark design by Dineen Miller.

Help spread the word, Pixels, and let's help this special lady and her precious family.

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Thanks also for offering a crit on Robin's behalf!