Friday, May 16, 2008

Entry #9: Keywords - In All Things

In All Things
By Karri Compton

I hated it when Trey was right.

"God has seen us through hard times before. He's not going to let us down now."

Clamping my hands over my ears did no good, since I couldn't do that and hold the brown paper bag over my mouth simultaneously. Why did I always have to hyperventilate when I was stressed?

"I know that, honey, but four kids on your miniature salary in a two bedroom house? We'll have to sell furniture, move, beg on the streets…" I had a knack for hyperbole. Trey was unfazed, as usual. "I'll look like a whale on the beach this summer."

"Being pregnant is a blessing. In all things give thanks. And you'll look cute as can be pregnant on the beach." With that, Trey exited the bedroom.

I kept my head and swallowed the sarcasm that threatened to erupt. Cute. Yeah, right. Lovely thoughts, but I detested the words. Twins did not fit into my plan. My two existing children taxed my sanity and bank book enough. I had been unemployed since my first child was born, if you can call being a full-time stay-at-home mom unemployed. More kids meant less money. What was God thinking?

Trust me. Oh great. First my husband preaches at me and now God. Were hormones making me batty already?

I placed the brown bag down on the bed and inhaled a calming breath. Fine. If God destined us for the poor house, great. I would submit. That didn't mean I had to like it.

From the other room, Trey's cell phone twittered. What a grand time for a phone conversation. Moments later, he stole back into our room. His face told me the other shoe had dropped.
"Dear God, what is it now?" I fought to maintain what little composure I had left.

"It's my grandmother Austyn. They've put her in hospice. We'll have to drive up the coast right away. She may not last the night." A lone tear leaked from his eye.

I sat there, open-mouthed and red-eyed. Talk about shock. Grandmother Austyn had been my favorite relative ever since I had met her ten years ago. She often told us stories about her youthful adventures, about her surfer husband and wild vacations they had taken. I thought about the dolphin necklace she had given me last year as an early bequeathal. She got it from Hawaii over thirty years ago during a vacation/surfing competition and wanted me, her only granddaughter, to have it.

I snapped out of my reverie and went to give Trey a hug. I had almost forgotten that he would be grieving, too.

"Remember what you just told me, hon," I whispered in his ear. "God has not abandoned us. In all things…" And we held each other.

Submitted by
Karri Compton

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