Monday, September 28, 2009

Writing Prompt #16: Seasons

This week's writing prompt is prompted by the sunshine currently coming through my windows - a sight we haven't seen in a few days - weeks - possibly months? - because of all the rain we've had.

This week's prompt:

Write a scene depicting a change of season. Remember to be creative and use this prompt for a variety of purposes: nonfiction, fiction, poetry, songs; use it for just a scene, or create an entire book around it. Change POVs. Let your imagination run wild.

At the end of October, we'll announce a contest that will put these writing prompts to good use, so be sure to keep them in a file or journal.

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Teresa Slack said...

Wonderful prompt. This is one I always have to work on. I know what I want to say about the changing of the seasons, but it's very difficult to relay those feelings and sensations to the page. Thanks for guest hosting for me this morning. Look forward to working with you again.