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Through the Eyes of Christ ~ How to Lead Muslims into the Kingdom of God

Reviewed by Tracy Ruckman

Through the Eyes of Christ ~ How to Lead Muslims into the Kingdom of God

by Harry Morin and Nikki Arana

When I first learned of this book, I was eager to read it, eager to "get down to business" in converting Muslims to Christianity. I thought the book would be a simple "step" book, as in "Do this, this, and this, and wham, they're converted."

Yeah, right. No, I'm not really that naive. Just hopeful, I guess. And even though there are some Middle Eastern people in our area, there aren't very many. So I knew my role would be more of a prayerful role, than one of action - at the moment anyway.

But as I began reading the book, the Lord spoke to me in a number of areas. This book is thoughtful, and laid out in such away that it is indeed a step-by-step process. But many of the truths offered in the book apply to more than Muslims - the truths apply to us as Christians as we go about our daily lives, interacting with people in general - people of all faiths. To be honest, the book touched me in a way I had not expected, and wasn't sure how to deal with it.

Thankfully, I am acquainted with Nikki, so I wrote to her, and we had a conversation. Today, I'd like to open the conversation up to all of you Pixels. I'd love to hear your thoughts, experiences, and comments after you read about the book. If you have any questions, please ask them in the comments, and Nikki will be happy to answer.

First, from author Nikki Arana:

God called me to a ministry to Muslims about two years ago. I live in Post Falls, Idaho and have never seen a Middle Easterner in the 15 years I've lived here! Needless to say, I found this call unusual. But I've walked with the Lord long enough to know that He prospers what He ordains, so I waited for clarification. Over the past two years He has done that for me. I find that my ministry is not directly to Muslims. He is asking me to help call the American Christian Church to reach out in friendship to the Muslims who live among us, model the love of Christ to them, and then with the leading of the Holy Spirit give them the Gift that Islam can not give.

I found there were few resources available for me to use to learn about Islam and the Muslims. Through further prayer God led me to Global Initiative, in Springfield, MO. Harry Morin, on staff there, has been involved in ministry related to evangelizing Muslim people for over thirty years. I explained to him that God had burdened my heart for the Muslim people living here. Though his ministry is primarily overseas, he agreed to join me in writing a book designed for the lay Christian in America who is at least curious about the Muslims they live and work with. (I'm an award-winning author of Inspirational fiction, so this was provision for the non-fiction assignment the Lord had led me to!)

The book introduces Christians to Islam and the Islamic culture, and with the use of scripture shows the reader how to see Muslims through the eyes of Christ. The book is titled, Through the Eyes of Christ: How to Lead Muslims into the Kingdom of God. Billy Graham Center has endorsed the book.

While I was waiting for the book to be printed the Lord provided me with one more resource . . . I went to a Bible study and sat next to a woman I didn't know. It turned out that woman has been a missionary to Muslims in Europe for 24 years. She is associated with Arab World Ministries. She and her family moved to Idaho just last year. She had been wondering how, in north Idaho, God would use her and her years of experience of ministering to Muslims! We began to pray He would show us.

It seems the next step of this journey is now being revealed. I have recently learned that an Islamic Center opened about fifteen minutes from my house. Their Grand Opening was July 10, just a couple of months ago! This gives new meaning to all that has happened over the past two years. Beyond that, I just found out that the Anglican Church of North America is beginning an effort to evangelize Muslims here in the US. I can't help but believe that God is starting a movement in the United States.

If you feel that the increasing population and influence of Muslims here is something that we should respond to, but you haven't known how to do that, now there is a resource you can use that will equip you to reach out in love to the Muslims who live and work in your area.

To learn more about Nikki, please visit her Web site.


This book is challenging, inspiring, encouraging - to our faith, to our beliefs, to our daily walk with God. The chapter titles alone are revealing:

Why Should I Care?

Islam: A Religion of Peace or a Religion of War?

Why They Hate Us

By Our Love They Will Know Us

Cultivating a Sincere Understanding About Muslim People

The Major Beliefs and Religious Practices of Muslims

The Dark Side of Islam - Folk Islam

How Muslims View God and Sin

What I Need to Know Before I Witness

What I Need to Know About Islamic Culture

How to Respond to Islamic Culture

What Would Jesus Do?

How Can I Deepen My Relationships with Muslims?

Leading Muslims in Prayer

Why Are We So Often Misunderstood by Muslims?

Learning to Avoid Unnecessary Controversy

Keeping to the Core Theme of the Gospel

What Topics Can I Discuss That Will Build Bridges?

From Jesus the Prophet to Jesus the Savior

Leading a Muslim to the Lordship of Christ

Discipleship for Muslim Background

Order the book through Amazon or an e-store. To order 10 or more copies, e-mail Nikki.

As you read this book, look at the truths it shares. These truths can be applied to your life with not only Muslims, but with other cultures, too.

Be sure to check out the back of the book, too. Appendix A offers an interesting (and admittedly sad and alarming) look at Population Growth Comparisons, originally titled "Christianville" and then, "Islamville."

Through the Eyes of Christ is definitely a MUST-READ for ALL Christians.

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