Friday, September 25, 2009

Coming Home from Mars

Review by Amy Barkman

Offworld by Robin Parrish

If Robin Parrish's Offworld has a chapter that doesn't keep you on the edge of your favorite chair with your heart pounding in anticipation of what will happen next, I missed it.

This brilliant sci-fi piece is fascinating and thought provoking. It is easy to identify with the main four characters even if they have been off playing on Mars for the past two years. It certainly wasn't their fault that they returned to an earth devoid of mankind and animals. Well, at one point they wish the earth was completely empty of the one segment of mankind that remained.

They are determined to stay alive long enough to solve the mysteries that present themselves constantly.

Since the book is published by a Christian publisher, I was surprised to find no mention of Jesus. There were a few prayers thrown out but no mention of who they were thrown to. Still, it’s a good book, no R rated material at all. And I recommend it to anyone who likes adventure.

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