Monday, September 7, 2009

Writing Prompt #13: Describe that Smell

So far, we've offered prompts for three of the five senses. This week, let's tackle smell.

Your main character has just been blindfolded and transported somewhere, then led into a new place. Write a scene giving us the details - and be sure to highlight what your character SMELLS.

And don't forget - a contest will be announced in October that will put some of the writing prompts to the test.

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sallyhanan said...

Tracey knew that it had an element of chicory in--whatever it was that was in her kitchen. She sniffed again, her husband snickering at her ear in obvious denial of her sniffing powers. Something soft, sweet and velvety wrapped around the chicory, along with a hint of some earthy coffee, probably Columbian.
"It's a coffee-mocha truffle chocolate!"
Her husband was silent. She took off the blindfold and looked on the floor. Yes, there was his stupified body. Yet again, she had knocked him out with her brilliance.