Monday, April 27, 2009

We Have a Winner - Let it Snow!

Our special guest judge, Virginia Smith, sent the following e-mail about our Snow Description Contest:

I'm so impressed with every one of these entries! Pixels are a talented group of writers. Mary, Ava, Pat, and Stephanie, thank you so much for entering the contest. I love the images each one of you created in my mind. You made me smile and ponder and feel nostalgic. Selecting a winner from among such creative pieces is nearly impossible, but I had to chose one. So I chose Ava Pennington's essay because it made me think of snow in a way I've never before considered.

Great job, all of you!

Congratulations, Ava!!

Since the entries were posted in the comments this time, I'll post Ava's winning entry here:


by Ava Pennington

A snowflake is a picture of a Christian...

Snowflakes are unique, yet appear to look alike.

Christians are unique individuals, but are in the process of looking like Christ.

Snowflakes cover dirty streets with a white blanket reflecting the sun's light.

Christians cover a multitude of sins when they share Christ's love.

Snowflakes are pure refreshment on the tip of the tongue.

Christians bring refreshment as they encourage the weary and faint-hearted.

Snowflakes are fragile alone, but together can shut down a city.

Christians are vulnerable alone, but together, the Body of Christ prevails against the gates of hell!

Be sure to visit Ava online to learn more about her writing.

Thanks, Ginny, for joining us again. Pixels, be sure to get a copy of Murder at Eagle Summit - you'll love it! Visit Ginny online to learn about, and order, her books.

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Stephanie C. said...

Congratulations Ava on your win.

It was nice to read the different perspectives on snow. Thanks Tracy for a fun contest.

Mary said...


Congratulations on your win. I enjoyed your essay.

I enjoyed each and every entry. It must have been a very difficult job to chose the winner.


Ava Pennington said...

Thank you!
I enjoyed participating, and I'm looking forward to reading Ginny's newest book...