Thursday, April 30, 2009

About The Portfolio

I have said before that my photographs are a projection of me. What I have created through my lens came from my eye and my mind. They are my extension. How I display these images is then very important. I spend as much time working with my images on the computer, editing, organizing, and uploading them, as I do taking them. Unfortunately, the fun of photography has to eventually give way to time at the keyboard.

Having some process of organization is essential. I have to be able to locate certain photos when they are asked for. And every person is different, so choose the method that best helps you. I always sort by date and separate my photos into their own folder, placing those of my husband and my daughter in separate folders. I have found that over time it is easy to forget who took what.

Watercolor Sky
January 2001

Watercolor Sky, Saddle Creek Park, Lakeland, Florida

Organization is again a factor when placing images online. I have noticed viewers like a general idea of what each grouping of photographs is about. As a collection, these groupings should have a consistent theme, whether that is the subject itself, the location, or some other influence. Decide in advance what you are trying to display and pick photographs that best display that topic. And choose a variety. There is nothing more boring than photos whose only difference is how you shifted your feet. Display your best.

Out Chasing The Sun
October 2007

Out Chasing The Sun, Lake Ariana, Auburndale, Florida

Don't be afraid to act like you know something. Now, I'm not talking about being a "photo snob". Being teachable, knowing you don't know everything, is crucial, both on the web and in person. I am learning something every day that will help me become a better photographer. Instead, I am talking about knowing what you did to get an image. Should someone ask you, be able to tell them what camera settings you used. Also, tell the viewer what the photo is of; do some research to discover what kind of bird or flower that is. I am less impressed with someone's work when they can give me no clue about the subject.

Most of all, know that creating a good portfolio, one that you are proud of, takes time. I take photos all year, a lot of which were just for myself. Most of the time only 3 or 4 of those ever makes it into what I consider my best work. It often takes many years to properly collect a good portfolio of images.

Florida Sunrise
April 2009

Florida Sunrise


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Suzanne Williams is a native Floridian, wife, and mother, with a penchant for spelling anything, who happens to love photography.


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I'd like to hear info along the same lines about a writing portfolio.

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