Thursday, April 16, 2009

An Hour Chasing Butterflies

There are days that I write this blog and find the words for my thoughts easy to formulate. On other days, like today, I am bereft of exactly how to express what it is I am thinking. I don't know if that constitutes writer's block or not, but I comfort myself with the knowledge that I am, after all, more a photographer than a writer.

Well, this afternoon as I contemplated what to write, I realized I had a banger of a headache. I began getting headaches years ago when I had to stare at a computer screen all day and have learned with practice that the best cure is time resting my eyes. So today I decided to sit on my front stoop, stare at the flowers, and take in some fresh air. Fresh air and flowers would seem to be a good solution.


As I sat there, watching the busy activity of a multifarious collection of bees - tiny, fly-size bees; green, metallic bees; large, loud bumblebees - a butterfly intruded into the scene. Before I knew it there was another and another.

I have noticed that inspiriation tends to strike me at unexpected moments. I am most often doing something else unrelated. Today's headache is a great example. I was out there to rest my eyes, clear my head, and rid myself of the throbbing in my skull. But it was as if the butterflies knew it and chose that moment to present themselves.

Zebra Swallowtail on Lantana

I simply cannot resist photographing a butterfly. I think it is the challenge of capturing them just at the right angle, at the right moment in time. (Digital is great for butterfly photography because I always have more "bad" shots than "good" ones where insects are concerned.)

And it speaks again to my love for all things that fly and crawl amongst the petals.


Before I knew it, I had spent a most enjoyable hour chasing butterflies, and I had forgotten all about my headache. At least, I forgot about it until I had to write this blog again tonight! (Love you, Tracy!)

I hope in the end you enjoy the photos anyway. I am much better at those!


Many thanks to the butterflies for showing up. :)


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Tracy Ruckman said...

Suzanne - your photos and your flowers are EXTRAORDINARY. God has truly gifted you to capture such beauty. If this is what comes of a headache ... well, I won't wish you more headaches, but, goodness.


And you do just fine as a writer too! :-)

Maggie said...


scw1217 said...

Thank you so much! Comments are always so encouraging. I cannot take credit for making the butterflies all show up at the same time though!