Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Series on Words

Words - Part One

This week we start a new series I’ve entitled Words. Using WORDS as an acronym, I’m going to explore what words are and what we can do with them. I’ve had great fun putting this together, and hope you enjoy it too.


What is a Word
This is the definition from Wikipedia: a word is a unit of language that represents a concept which can be expressively communicated with meaning. In simpler terms, it’s a combination of letters that represent an object, place or emotion, and help to place these in context. Words build pictures in our minds and can bring about change and understanding. There are only 26 letters in our English alphabet and from these, we create endless combinations.

Working with Words
A jeweller works with precious stones, an artist with colors, and a baker, ingredients. As writers, our raw material is words. Anyone can write a selection of words, but it takes skill to form them into a focused picture. It’s almost like a builder taking bricks and fitting them together to make a functional building. We take words and build them into sentences, paragraphs, stories and articles.

What about Written Words
Nearly everyone communicates by spoken words, but writers have the privilege of using written words as well. I’ve discovered that my writing can reach homes and hearts that I could never do physically. For example, I often have articles published in our local paper. The average daily readership is 221,000. Even if 5% look at my writing, that’s about 11,000 people. I could never talk to that many in one day.

What do Words do
Words communicate. They educate, inform and entertain, but can also destroy, cause fear and spread lies. They are incredibly powerful, especially when backed up by action. It is up to us to make sure we use our words in a godly manner.

Choosing our Words Carefully
The Bible has many references to words and one of my favorites is Colossians 4:6 - Let your conversation be always full of grace, seasoned with salt, so that you may know how to answer everyone. Our written words should reveal what is in our heart. There is no place for coarse language, negative attitudes and derogatory statements when writing as a Christian. We need to choose our words carefully and use them for good.

I encourage you to think about words this week, and come back next Wednesday to find out what the O in WORDS, stands for.
Debbie Roome works as a freelance writer from her home in New Zealand. Read some of her work at Suite 101 , Take Root and Write and Faithwriters.

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