Thursday, April 2, 2009

The Small Things

Spring has sprung, or so the old saying goes. The days are warmer. The sun rises later and sets earlier. The old itch to plant things has come over me yet again. I love gardening, and it only takes a suggestion and I will run out to buy and plant something else.

I plant for the flowers. I love flowers. I plant also for insects. I want to draw to my garden anything that flies, flutters, crawls, or buzzes.

Still Abuzz

Still Abuzz

The time spent behind the lens chasing an insect is one of my favorite things. By concentrating on something small, I forget the pressures of everyday life. Instead I sit and marvel at the intricate patterns and the...well, life of these tiny creatures. That they move and breathe and feed is really an amazing thing. That they do it without thinking or caring, even more tremendous still.

American Painted Lady Butterfly

American Painted Lady Butterfly on Blue Salvia

Even more marvelous still is that from just a tiny seed comes such a beautiful flower. All bundled up inside a seemingly inconsequential package are future small moments - with me and the insects.

It's all so simple really, if you think about it. All that seed needs is a little sun, a little soil, and a little water to cause it to grow. I can then spend happy days watching it stretch and spin to become a most magnificent collection of fruit or flowers. In admiration, all my small friends will return to fly and hop and sip. Why would I not want to reap the reward of that?

Red Admiral Butterfly on Gazania

Red Admiral Butterfly on Gazania


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