Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Kenyan Pastor/Evangelist Needs Help for Starving People

Author/editor Nancy Arant Williams is asking for help. She writes, "In the past several years I've been in contact with a dear Kenyan pastor/ evangelist, Pastor Gideon Mudenyo who has been traveling to conduct evangelistic crusades, where many, many souls have come to know Christ." [Nancy suggested doing an online search for his name to learn more about him. There are dozens of links, but here's one of the best Calvary Chapel. After you land on that page and read the letter, click the other Pastor Gideon link for more letters.]

"In the past year, Kenya has undergone a terrible civil war, famine and drought, which have especially targeted the poor. In March, Pastor Mudenyo asked for prayer for Kenya and for provision for believers there, as food, which is now very scarce, is so costly that they cannot afford it. Their current situation is desperate. Mothers are now reduced to feeding their children nothing but boiled water, and hoping they will not die of starvation. Right now a 30 lb. bag of corn costs $50, which will feed a family of six for two weeks.

"My heart breaks over their plight, and I would appreciate so much the prayerful help of believers who are willing to come alongside them. If you would like to make a donation of any size, please use Paypal and this email address: nancyarantwilliams[at]hughes[dot]net, and I will send it at my expense via Western Union, the only safe way to send money to war-torn areas of the world.

"Please also pray that what food they have God will multiply. Just as God kept (Elijah's) the widow of Zaraphath alive with meal and oil that didn't fail, and fed 5,000 with food to spare, He can make certain their bags of corn are never empty.

Thanks so much for whatever you can do."


UPDATE: Since Nancy sent this information to us, she received word from Pastor Mudenyo that the latest food supplies have run out. So our help is desperately needed ASAP. Can you help? Any amount is appreciated.

And please, help spread the word.

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