Monday, June 16, 2008

Entry #2 Poetry: Persevere! by D.S. Mullis

by D.S. Mullis

Love, peace and joy! Our great God will employ,
For even in our trials, yes, all the devil's wiles
Are but a passing fad, soon sorrow will be glad,
And all our hue and cry will vanish by and by!

We serve the One who stills the gales of life at will,
He never will digress nor lose His sweet caress-
For those who know this One will stand when day is done,
And shout the victory for all the world to see!

Don't ever lose your hope for then in life you grope,
As one who's in the dark, and knows he can't embark,
Upon his ship of dreams, for yielding to the schemes
Has made his spirit sad, which once was free and glad!

Yes, trials come and go, and just to let you know,
That once you pass this test a glimmer of the best
Will shine within your world, as faith again unfurls
And brings you to a place with His so matchless grace!

Love, joy and peace, for sure these do not cease,
And while you persevere, know He is standing near
With answers on the way, yes, even for this day,
And in a little while, you'll walk the last long mile!

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