Friday, June 20, 2008

Entry #11 Poetry: The Leaf is Innocent by Jonathan Bolton

The Leaf is Innocent
by Jonathan Bolton

The leaves see all, when the trees stand tall
The leaf was the first to see, the serpent, Adam, and Eve
Winter, Summer, Spring, and Fall
Fall is when the leaf falls, unless the tree falls
Then the leaves fall, free fall
Morning, Noon, Evening, and Dark
The leaves watched Noah build the Ark
Hands raised, as palm leaves wave
To give praise, to the truth, the life, and the way
The leaves were dead and lost, when they cut and drug the cross
His life was the ultimate cost, to give life to all who are lost
The leaves grew with the thorns, the same thorns that Christ had worn
Jesus Christ is whom God sent, and Christ went
To the extent, giving us life more abundantly if we repent.
The leaf has seen all.
From Creation, Temptation, to Salvation.
"And the leaves are the healing of the Nations."

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