Monday, June 16, 2008

Entry #1 Poetry: His Plan by D.S. Mullis

His Plan
by D.S. Mullis

'You never seem to mind when trials come.'
She smiled and asked, 'Why should I be afraid?
The One who walks with me will keep me brave;'
He answered, 'Yes and lead you safely home.'

'You never turn your smiles into a frown.'
She spoke with softness, 'That's because of He
Who was so happy and yes, so carefree,
Took up a cross that I might wear a crown!'

'You always think beyond yourself each day,'
She nodded, 'Yes, He showed me how to live,
By His example I know how to give...
For servanthood is truly God's own way!'

'You seem to find such joy in daily life,'
'For sure, 'she answered, 'Joy comes from above,
And joy is evidence of His great love,
The love that conquers fear and doubt and strife!'

'You seem to know much more than mortal man,
Possessing attributes that do impart
A change has come deep down within your heart.'
'Oh yes, indeed, the purpose of His plan!'

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