Friday, June 20, 2008

Entry #10 Poetry: Storm by Debbie Roome

by Debbie Roome

Fiery heat scalds
Sedimented rivers.
Motionless creatures
Draped in dappled shade.

A slight breeze.
The fragrance of rain
Borne from hazy hills
Lying purple on the horizon.

Dark clouds tumbling
Grumbling as they amass.
Electricity, crackling, bright
Jagged darts from heaven.

Purified drops of life
Splattering on seared earth
Silvered splashes, accumulating,
Trickling and dampening.

Thirsty dry ground
Drinking greedily
Sucking moisture into its bosom
Life giving liquid

Torrents of water
Drenching the wilted land
Transformation of dust
Colours rejuvenated and washed

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