Saturday, July 28, 2007

Voting is now OPEN!

Okay - we're forced into doing things a bit different this week. The online poll software is not cooperating, so this weekend, I'm taking votes by email. Just send me your vote for the best FLASH FICTION entry posted below:

The Test by Amy Barkman

Not Tougher than the Bark by Chandra Lynn Smith

The Catch by Carolyn Kenney

Never Tell by Marcia Lee Laycock

Uninvited by Sara Davison

Nonfatal Error by Karri Compton

First Time by Lynda Schab

60 Seconds by Peter Stone

The Smuggler by Donald James Parker

Everyone can only vote once; entrants can vote for themselves. Submit your vote, with the words FLASH FICTION VOTE in the subject line please, to tracy ruckman @ gmail. com (just eliminate the spaces) by Sunday midnight. I'll tabulate the votes and the winner will be announced Monday.

Thanks for participating! Grab your friends and get them to vote too!

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