Friday, July 27, 2007

ENTRY: Flash Fiction July 16-July 27

The Smuggler
By Donald James Parker

With his cargo precluding fluid motion, Tom strolled down the windswept sidewalk. His heart pounded, reminding him of “The Telltale Heart”. His eyes flitted in a panoramic arc, ascertaining nobody followed. Upon reaching a darkened antique shop, he surveyed his surroundings again and tapped a distinctive beat on the door, which suddenly squeaked open.

“Fish on ice?” Tom semi-whispered.

“Mended nets?”

Tom nodded, crossed the threshold into warmth, opened his parka, and extracted his contraband. “From Russia with love via Omaha. If caught, you’re dead.”

George opened one illicit package and read “In the beginning was the word.”

Submitted by
Donald James Parker

1 comment:

cinderpuss said...

This is an excellent write and sure had my attention all the way to the unexpected ending.

Two thumbs and two toes up!

Ronnie Mello