Sunday, July 8, 2007

Entry: Short Story July 2 - July 13

Lee Franklin

The smell of burning rubber assaulted Jordan’s nostrils as he forced his eyes
open. Reaching up he gingerly touched the egg-sized lump on the side of his head.
One minute the tour bus had been driving along and the next they were crashing down a steep embankment. The last thing he remembered was hearing a woman scream before his world went black.

Wincing Jordan got to his feet, waiting for the dizziness to abate before daring to look around.The bus had landed on its side, one wheel spinning lazily while luggage lay strewn across the dirt. All around him, people wandered dazed and frightened.

Moaning appeared to be coming from the upturned bus. Clambering carefully over seats and broken glass he found a young woman lying beneath the debris. Moving rubbish off her, he checked her pulse and did a cursory examination of her body. Feeling through her blonde hair for contusions, he was relieved to find that other than cuts and bruises she appeared unharmed. Looking down, he was startled to find green eyes locked on his. Relief flooded him. At least she was conscious.

“Am I dead?” she groaned, trying to sit up.
“Not unless your idea of heaven is sitting in a mangled heap of metal. Personally, I prefer the idea of soft clouds and angels playing harps and catering to my every whim. He tilted his head to one side. “Naked angels of course.”

“Of course.” She responded dryly. “Naked angels. Why hadn’t I thought of
“You mean you’ve never wondered about the whole ‘what do angels wear under the white robe’ thing?” Jordan’s flippant tone belied the concern in
his eyes.

“Nope, can’t say that ever crossed my mind.” Grabbing hold of Jordan’s hand, she pulled herself up and allowed him to help her slowly out of the wreck. Leading her over to the nearest tree, he eased her down onto the ground. Ripping the bottom of his shirt, he proceeded to bandage a nasty cut on her leg.

“So how are you feeling now?”
She gave him a wry smile. “You mean other than feeling like I’ve gone a dozen
rounds with my ex and he won?”

Jordan winced. “Ouch. He sounds like a real fun person to be around. So when did you two decide to call it quits?”

“We didn’t. He was killed in a fight over gambling debts six months ago.” She
paused, watching him deftly bandage her leg. “You sure seem to know what you’re
doing. Are you a doctor?”

Admiring his handiwork, Jordan sat back on his haunches and smiled. “Nope,
Jordan Gillespie, registered nurse at your service.”

Taking the proffered hand, she shook it. “Sally Beaumont, housewife extraordinaire.” Feeling self-conscious, she pulled her hand away. “I thought nurses were supposed to be women?”

“Tsk Tsk Miss Beaumont. Your education has been sadly lacking. Haven’t
you ever heard of ‘Super Nurse’?”
Sally laughed. “Super Nurse? You can’t be serious?”

“Would I lie to you?” Placing his hand on his heart Jordan gave his most
convincing wounded impression. “Where do you think the whole Superman thing came from in the first place?” Not waiting for her to answer he continued. “Faster than a speeding ambulance, more powerful than a Lydocaine drip, able to leap over little old ladies in a single bound; it’s Super Nurse!”

Sally’s grin widened. “Now I really have heard everything. So, do you usually go around rescuing damsels in distress or is this just a hobby?” Jordan was about to respond when a man rushed up, his face ashen. “Do either of you know any first aid?”

Jordan jumped to his feet. “I’m a nurse. What’s wrong? “The man looked at Jordan sceptically. “You’re a nurse? I thought nurses were supposed to be women?”
Sally snorted. Jordan raised one eyebrow at her before turning to the man. “Yes.” He said wearily. “I am a nurse. Men can be nurses you know. They
don’t all have to be doctors.”

The man looked unsure. “It’s my wife, she’s having a baby.” Jordan and Sally looked at each and then back at the man. “You mean she’s pregnant?” asked Sally.

“No. I mean yes she’s pregnant, but she’s having the baby. Now. She’s
having the baby right now.” Jordan jumped to his feet. “Let’s go and see about making you a daddy.” He bent down to speak to Sally. “You sure you’ll be ok?”
Sally grinned. “Go get ‘em Jordan Gillespie. I’ll be right here waiting for you. If you need any help then just yell. “Jordan squeezed her hand and stood to follow the man.
“Hey Jordan!” she called after him. “What do angels wear under those robes?”

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Lee Franklin

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