Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Win a Copy of Love Mercy

Today, I'm honored to share with you a tremendous new book by one of my favorite authors and her daughter - Lisa and Ty Samson. You can even win a copy for yourself by participating in the writing contest detailed below.

About the book, Love Mercy:

A Mother and Daughter's Journey from the American Dream to the Kingdom of God, having lived a life of plenty in suburban America, Lisa Samson and her eighteen-year-old daughter, Ty, thought they were traveling to Africa to minister to the people and chronicle the AIDS crisis devastating the continent. Their trip, they assumed, would be missional, merciful, giving.
Instead, they experienced a life-changing, soul-rattling journey.

As mother and daughter are confronted with incidents of child prostitution, preventable illness, poverty, oppression, abuse, and death so prevalent it leaves no time to mourn ... their journey takes a decidedly different tack.

Love Mercy confronts us directly with the AIDS crisis in Africa-in particular Swaziland, which has the highest AIDS rate in the world and where the average life expectancy is thirty-two years of age. Offering two unique perspectives, Lisa and Ty share the questions they encountered on their journey and tell the stories of those they met along the way-from the children themselves, to adult AIDS victims, to the compassionate mercy-givers who seek every day to alleviate their suffering.

Smiles in a place of aching sadness. Mercy in a place of heart-wrenching poverty. Two people transformed by God in ways, and places, they never expected, discovering that even in a land riddled with heartache ... Christ's love and redemption are ablaze.

About the Authors:

Lisa and Ty Samson

Lisa Samson is the author of over twenty-five books, including the Christy award-winning novel Songbird. Her novel, Quaker Summer was Christianity Today's novel of 2008. She is coauthor with her husband, Will, of Justice in the Burbs.

Ty Samson loves art, literature, playing upright bass, and baking bread. She enjoys working with children and serving at the East Seventh Street Center in downtown Lexington, Kentucky.
Learn more about Lisa at http://www.lisasamson.com/.


Now for the writing contest. Entries should be posted by noon on Monday, April 19th. I'll announce a winner on Tuesday, the 20th. The winner will receive one copy of Love Mercy.

In the comments below, using 100-200 words, answer the following question:

In Love Mercy, Lisa and her daughter Ty expected to be used by God to transform others and were transformed themselves. Even in a place fraught with difficulties and heartache, they found Christ to be alive and his love evident.

When have you unexpectedly experienced God's transformation or seen evidence of his love and redemption in an unlikely place?

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Andi said...

I would love to win this book! Thanks for the chance!