Thursday, April 8, 2010

Ends and Beginnings



I guess "all good things must come to an end". Yesterday my husband mowed down my wildflowers. Well, he had my consent. I could see that just as the sun and rain had the wildflowers growing, it was doing the same for the weeds. Pretty soon, the weeds were just as tall as the flowers and all it took was one walk, or I should say attempt at walking, through it for me to admit it was time.

Towards the Sky

It's kind of sad. As I stood there in disgust, I spotted a bee, happily going about his business amongst the flowers. I found myself apologizing for our intrusion into his life. "I'm sorry that we're taking away your food source," I said.

I thought too of the other creatures that enjoyed the flowers, the multitude of butterflies which flitted to and fro, and even one tiny damsefly I had spotted that very evening, gliding along the tops of the stalks. I felt kind of guilty. I reassured myself that these same creatures would move on and find another source, and besides the neighbor's not mowing his yet.

A Close Up

This year's flowers might be gone, but their beauty remains in my images of them. They might not return the same next year (though with all those expended seeds yesterday I can't fail to see why not). The truth is that nothing in the garden is ever exactly the same. Something is always beginning while another thing is ending.

People say I have my grandfather's green thumb. He was a farmer and could grow the most fantastic fruits and vegetables. Row upon row of corn, beans, tomatoes, you name it, crossed his fields. I appreciate the compliments, and I cherish them, but for me it is more than just the end result. It is the change, the cycle of end and begin, end and begin, that I think I like. The end of one thing is always the beginning of another, and beginnings are exciting.

So though spring is ending, summer is beginning, and there are so many more flowers and insects in my future. There are new things to photograph and more moments to share with all of you. I can't wait!

A Panoramic View
Wildflowers In My Yard

*You can view the entire album of these pictures at this link.

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Carla Gade said...

Thanks for sharing your wildflowers with us! The photos are beautiful!

scw1217 said...

Thanks, Carla, for commenting! I miss them already!