Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Novel Writing Step by Step - Part Seven

Finding a Publisher
This is the last in our series about writing a novel. Your work is polished, edited and complete and now it’s time to look at getting it published.

There are two avenues of publishing –traditional publishers and self-publishing. In each of these groups there are several subgroups. For example, some traditional publishers only accept manuscripts submitted through agents. Others will accept enquiry letters along with a synopsis and a couple of chapters. While it is still difficult for new authors to get noticed by publishing houses, it does happen.

Self-publishing companies also have their differences. Some will only take manuscripts that are ready for printing. Others offer editing services, cover design and more. There are hundreds of opportunities out there and each person needs to sift through what is right for them. The best way to do this is visit the various websites, read their guidelines and decide where to start. Factors to consider include financial outlay, marketing, distribution and networks.

To help you on the way, I’ve included a set of links below:

Traditional Publishers

Ark House Press
Heartsong Presents
Steeple Hill
White Rose Publishing

Self-publishing Companies

Book Locker
Book pros
Foremost Press
Magic Valley
RJ Communications
Wasteland Press

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