Monday, April 12, 2010

Basics for Beginning Fiction Writers

I'm excited to announce our next WIES Workshop - I've taken some of Jeanne's classes myself, and she is an excellent instructor. This class is perfect for anyone wanting to learn how to write fiction, so be sure to tell your friends about it.

To write fiction, one must know more than the average punctuation, usage, grammar and style. In the Basics for Beginning Fiction Writers class you will learn the different components of a work of fiction that must be present, whether writing short stories or full-length novels.

Instructor Jeanne Marie Leach uses a concise and methodical system to help beginning writers of fiction to know which step to take next, regardless of where they are in their writing endeavors.

This course will cover the following:

  • Opening hooks and chapter ending hooks
  • For full-length novels – what needs to be shown in the first chapter
  • Point of View (POV)
  • Proper dialogue, including tags and beats
  • Novel formatting
  • Plot development and research
  • Character development and emotions
  • Showing vs. telling
  • Active vs. passive
  • Proper use of flashbacks or back story
  • Consistency in character traits and scene props
  • Preachiness in Christian novels
  • Overused words that mark the writer as a beginner to publishers and agents
  • Over explanation that insults the reader
  • Uncertainty of character actions

This class gives beginning writers a springboard from which they can gain direction and understanding of the basic mechanics of writing. Information gleaned from many sources is arranged in a step-by-step timeline and an order most beneficial to beginning writers.

Course Dates: April 26, 2010 - May 21, 2010

Cost: $100

Register today to reserve your spot. (Deadline to register is Monday, April 19th.)

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