Thursday, November 5, 2009

Want to Work at Home but Need Health Insurance? Please read...

We've offered some home-based business opportunities here in the past from our friends over at Christian Work-At-Home Moms, so I thought some of you might be interested in another opportunity - this time with me!

Many of you know my husband was forced into early retirement back in April. Things have been tight for us financially, like I know they have been for so many. My businesses provide an income for us, but not health insurance, so we've been considering whether I should take a job outside the home to meet that need. But I've been seeking other alternatives, and this week I finally found one.

A friend recently called me the "Idea Queen" - because my brain is like a wildfire of ideas. When one idea presents itself, it's not long before it has spread into a raging inferno of other ideas. So after I found the alternative to working outside the home, I had an idea.

I am going to build another blog team, similar to what we have here at Pix-N-Pens, except with a different focus. I'm looking for a team of four women who want to work at home, who like the idea of making some money, and who are open to trying something a bit different. I'd love for some of our Pixels to join me on this new team.

If you are interested, or if you know someone else who might be interested, please e-mail me ASAP at tracyruckman[at]yahoo[dot]com (replace the words in brackets with symbols) for more details.

This could be the start of something big for all of us, or as it was for me, it could be an answered prayer.

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Sandra Stiles said...

I am a teacher, avid reader and an unpublished writer. Lately my writing has taken a back seat to life. My husbands business fell through and my elderly mother lives with us and I've had to take on extra jobs at school for extra money. I have not had or taken time for my writing and I missed it. I came across your site because of the interview you did with Cathy at Word Vessel. I believe God definitely lead me to this site. My vision is so much clearer on writing. You have a beautiful way of expressing the joy of writing. I have always said that God uses Christian teachers to plant the seeds in the hearts of non-Christian students then sends others to water, nurture and one day he will harvest their souls. I had never applied that to my writing. Thank you so much. You have lifted me up today and given me so much inspiration. May god continue to bless you and use you.

Tracy Ruckman said...

Sandra - I'm so glad you found us! Welcome! Your comments have lifted us up, too.

May God continue to bless your journey in all you do.