Monday, November 30, 2009

A Month of Christmas Stories

Greetings, Pixels! I hope your Thanksgiving weekend was filled with love, laughter, joy, peace, and fun - and plenty of awesome food and awesome football wins. (Or shopping trips ...)

Tomorrow, we're going to start a month of something a bit different. I wanted Debbie, Suzanne, Phee, and Kathy to have time to celebrate the season with their families, so I gave them a month off. Instead of their regular columns, we'll provide Christmas stories written by all of us, and by some of you! The first week of January, we'll post a list of contest finalists, and you'll get to vote on your favorites - your votes will count for half the total score for each entry, so please stop in daily to read all the entries. Of course, the staff of PnP won't be in the contest, but we want to share our stories, too, just for your reading pleasure.

I'm looking forward to this month, and hope you are, too. See you tomorrow.

UPDATE: A clarification upon request - If you submitted a story to the contest, and it is chosen for publication in Pix-N-Pens and/or A Pixel-Perfect Christmas, you will be notified within the next few days. Your story could appear in one or both places, and could be chosen as one of the finalists for readers to vote on in January. Hope that makes sense!

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Susan J. Reinhardt said...

Hi Tracy -

If our stories appear in December, does that mean we won't be a finalist? If you could clarify, I'd appreciate it.

Susan :)

Tracy Ruckman said...

Hey, Susan! I updated the post with a clarification - hope it makes sense. :-) Let me know if you have any other questions.