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I admit it. There are times when I have lost all inspiration to take photographs. I pick up my camera only to feel like pitching it through the nearest window. I go outdoors and can't see anything I'd like to capture.

Every photographer goes through dry places, and lately, that is where I have been. The glories of spring have faded - vivacious flowers tumbling over each other in their search for the sun, multitudes of insects scrambling side by side for that sweet bit of nectar, the fluttering wings of handfuls of butterflies sweeping through the air.

White Peacock Butterfly
White Peacock Butterfly

Instead, my garden looks rather natty. Faded and tattered Mexican sunflowers are holding up the last of their heads. The lantana and verbena have outstretched their boundaries. Summer vegetables - ripe red tomatoes, fuzzy green okra, and crisp green beans - are long gone.

Faded, Mexican Sunflower
Faded, Mexican Sunflower

It doesn't help that the weather is unseasonably hot for October. Oh, I know it IS Florida, and I DO love warm weather. But October is supposed to be fresh with crisp air swept in on an early cold front, comfortable breezes, and clear blue skies. Well, okay, so we do have the clear blue skies, at least it seems so today as I gaze out my window.

I know that the inspiration will come again. It always does. And I have learned when I find these dry places, just to ride them out. If I don't pick up my lens today, that is okay.

For me there will always be photographs. They press in from my past. They hold themselves in my future. In the present though, I will just forgive myself this lapse in time and wait.

Carolina Saddlebags Dragonfly
Carolina Saddlebags Dragonfly

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