Monday, July 27, 2009

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This week, I'm thrilled to feature a new book by a very precious man I'm honored to call friend and mentor. We're announcing the release of Cecil Murphey's latest book When Someone You Love Has Cancer.

I cried as I poured over this beautiful book - wishing I'd had one so many times before whenever someone uttered the word cancer. The stories within are touching and real, the appendix filled with practical tips that help any of us when someone we love is facing this disease. As you read the book, you know it was written by someone who KNOWS what it's like, someone who UNDERSTANDS, and someone who CARES. It's truly a beautiful book that is perfect to share with anyone to show you care.

Thank you, Cec, for creating a book so beautiful, and so needed.

To celebrate the release, author Cecil Murphey is giving away a huge gift basket of books. During the tour this week, whichever blog ends up with the most comments will qualify to hold a drawing for the basket. Grab your friends and leave your comments below so Pix-N-Pens can qualify!

Tomorrow, we'll also have an interview with Cec, so be sure to come back to read more about him.

Now, information about the book and the author.

About the Book:

The World Health Organization reported that by the year 2010 cancer will be the number one killer worldwide. More than 12.4 million people in the world suffer from cancer. 7.6 million people are expected to die from some form of cancer. That's a lot of people, but the number of loved ones of cancer sufferers is far greater. What do they do when a special person in their life is diagnosed with this devastating disease?

Murphey brings his experiences as a loved one and many years of wisdom gained from being a pastor and hospital chaplain to his newest book When Someone You Love Has Cancer: Comfort and Encouragement for Caregivers and Loved Ones (Harvest House Publishers). His honest I've-been-there admissions and practical helps are combined with artist Michal Sparks' soothing watercolor paintings.

Readers of When Someone You Love Has Cancer will receive:

  • Inspiration to seek peace and understanding in their loved one's situation
  • Help in learning the importance of active listening

  • Guidance in exploring their own feelings of confusion and unrest

  • Suggestions on how to handle anxiety and apprehension
  • Honest answers to questions dealing with emotions, exhaustion, and helplessness
  • Spirit-lifting thoughts for celebrating the gift of life in the midst of troubles

Murphey explains why this is a much-needed book: "Most books about cancer address survivors. I want to speak to the mates, families, and friends who love those with cancer. I offer a number of simple, practical things people can do for those with cancer."

Cec designed the appendix to be the most practical part of the book. He's witnessed too many situations where genuinely caring people had no idea what to do, so he has tried to givea few general guidelines.

1. Before you offer help. Learn about the disease before you visit. Determine to accept their feelings, no matter how negative. Pray for your loved one before you visit. Don't throw religious slogans at them, such as, "This is God's will" or "God knew you were strong enough to handle this."

2. What you can do now. As the first question, don't ask, "How are you?" Instead, ask, "Do you feel like talking." Don't offer advice. Be willing to sit in silence. If you need to cry, do so. Be natural. If appropriate, hug your loved one. Human touch is powerful.

3. Long-term caregiving. The overarching principle is to let the seriousness of the disease determine the amount of time and commitment you offer. This can be a time for you to help them spiritually. Think about tangible things you can do that say you care. Plan celebrations for every anniversary of being cancer free.

Ask them reflective questions such as:

  • What have you discovered about yourself through this experience?
  • What have you learned about relationships?
  • How has your faith in God changed?

About the Author:

Cecil Murphey is an international speaker and bestselling author who has written more than 100 books, including the New York Times bestseller 90 Minutes in Heaven (with Don Piper). No stranger himself to loss and grieving, Cecil has served as a pastor and hospital chaplain for many years, and through his ministry and books he has brought hope and encouragement to countless people around the world.

For more information, visit The Man Behind the Words.

The Grand Prize Winner will receive a gift basket filled with these books:

When Someone You Love Has Cancer

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Heaven Is Real (hard cover)

Daily Devotions Inspired by 90 Minutes in Heaven (hard cover)

90 Minutes in Heaven, gift edition (selections)

90 Minutes in Heaven, audio (5 CD set)

Heaven Is Real, audio (6 CDs)

Gifted Hands: The Ben Carson Story

Think Big

Everybody Loved Roger Harden

Everybody Wanted Room 623

Everybody Called Her a Saint

Committed But Flawed

Immortality of Influence (hard cover)

Touchdown Alexander (hard cover)

Aging Is an Attitude

My Parents, My Children: Spiritual Help for Caregivers

Don't forget to leave your relevant comments below for a chance to win!

Read Part 2 of our visit with Cecil Murphey.

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grammygail said...

Thanks Tracy for sharing this book.
When someone you love has cancer it changes your life as well as theirs’. As a former pastor’s wife so many times I longed for words of comfort, encouragement and even prayers for ill friends and family members. I know Cecil Murphey’s book will be a great help to the many of us who’ve lived with and love cancer patients.
Thanks for the review.

quietspirit said...

This comes at a tender time for me. One of our church secretaries found out today that her husband has Cancer. They have been married over 50 years.

We have two other families at church who have been fighting Cancer for 20 months.

Sometimes I don't know what to say to them.

Chely said...

There are so many that could be blessed by this book...I hope it reaches those who need it.

Cancer is one of the scariest words you can ever hear, whether it be your diagnosis or your loved one. What a wonderful ministry this book will be...

Seema said...

I'm certain many people will be blessed by this book. Having lost my grandmother to ovarian cancer and my father and a friend/co-worker to brain cancer within less than two years of each other, I wish I had had this book back then.

Laurie Foston said...

Many years ago,(and I do mean many) I worked for 13 neurosurgeons at the Semmes-Murphy Clinic. Brain tumors are horrific to endure. My deepest appreciation for one who will take the time to commit to write a book about it.

Write Pathway said...

Tracy, thanks for this excellent interview with Cec. To know him is to love him. He has written a much needed book to help those who face the difficult issue of losing people they love to cancer. I lost my mother and father to cancer and I never knew what to say or do.If there had been a vote on the most inspirational speaker at Blue Ridge in May, it would have been difficult for some---there were so many wonderful speakers, but for me there was no doubt: Most inspirational was Cec. Every time he opened his mouth I was blessed beyond measure. His words just went straight to my heart.He spoke one night about the 18 months when he did not hear from God and how miserable he was. Wonder how many lives have been touched by his books. I pass them around until they are worn out. I pray that he and Shirley will have many more years together to serve the Lord.

Amy said...

I don't know anyone in Christian publishing that I respect more than Cec Murphey. He is kind and caring and generous. I know that this new book will help many people keep their sanity through the nightmare of the course of cancer.
God bless us every one.
Amy Barkman

Candee said...

Thank you so much for bringing this amazing book and author to my attention. I love that it includes practical advice on how to help best.

In a time when you so desperately need friends around you, there's a fine line between their helping or causing more pain through careless words.

Sharon Brani said...

Thank you so very much for highlighting this book. In my work as a counselor I often relate with family members and friends who are caring for one who has been diagnosed with cancer. This book will meet a great need. And no one can write it better than Cec Murphey.

Jenny said...

What a blessing of a book this has to be to so many people. I felt honored to hear Cec Murphy speak at Ridgecrest this year. He is a talented, caring, child of God and it shows in everything he does. I have a dear friend who has cancer and I know her husband would benefit from reading this book.

Jenny Greenleaf said...

Both of my parents are cancer survivors (my father once, when he was 40 - my mother twice, once when she was 31, and then again just last year). So, books like these always strike a cord with me. I can't help wondering who else I'm close to will have to suffer through this. I'm thankful both of my parents fought and won, though.

Pen N Ink 4Him said...

I heard before that one thing we have in common as human beings is we all face pain, some more than others. Many of our loved ones have faced cancer and I praise the Lord that they are all doing well now.
However, it has been a long road for them, relatives and friends and I wish I would have had a copy of this book before to share with others and to help me as well.
Thank you for allowing us the opportunity to get briefly acquainted with this precious man of God and his writings. What a gift, to be able to use ones own pain and experiences and craft them into heartfelt and insightful creations and then pass them onto others.
God bless you Cecil. Thank you Tracy.:0)

Anonymous said...

Thank you, Cec, for writing a book to help the grieving families of cancer victims. I have watched many people go through this dreadful disease and never felt comfortable talking about it with them. Your book sounds like it would be a help to anyone who has friends and loved ones suffering with cancer. Stan

Anonymous said...

I am a cancer survivor of five years and thank God for every day. It is a difficult thing to talk honestly with anyone about my feelings. Mr. Murphey's book sounds like it will be a great help to people. Martha Ownby, Bolivia, NC

Deborah M said...

Hi Cecil,
That happens to be my late fathers name also. Thank you for writing this book. Cancer is no respecter of persons. Cancer doesn't care if you're black or white, it doesn't care if your young or old. I know because when my daughter, Niki, was three years old she was diagnosed with a malignant brain tumor, a Medulloblastoma. After the surgery and radiation treatment she was left with severe disabilities. However, cancer didn't win and she is now 32 years old. Even though the cancer didn't win, we were left with the devastating effects afterwards. I want to say, however, that through everything Niki has had to endure she still has a wonderful attitude. She is my inspiration to continue through the hard times.
Thank you,
Deborah M

Cookie said...

Thank you so much for your wonderful review! I could certainly use this book now as my husband was recently diagnosed with cancer and is now undergoing radiation treatments. Thanks again! Your reviews are a blessing! Sylvia