Monday, November 3, 2008

Recipe Contest Winner & Burgoo Recipe

A note from last week's special guest judge, Virginia Smith:

Thanks for all the comments on the recipe contest! A few of you mentioned a few really nasty-sounding dishes. (Garlic Ice Cream? Are you kidding? That has got to show up in a book someday!) I’ve loved reading your responses to the description of Burgoo.

But only one person actually submitted a recipe, so the prize of an autographed copy of A Taste of Murder has to go to Toni Star, of Ohio.

The recipe for her grandma’s stuffing sounds yummy – and since Thanksgiving is right around the corner, the timing is perfect. Congratulations, Toni, and thanks for giving my family something new to try for the holiday!

And now, as promised, here’s a recipe for authentic Kentucky Burgoo:

Kentucky Burgoo Recipe


4 lbs. mutton

2 lbs. chicken

1 lb pork, smoked and then ground

¾ lb. cabbage ground or chopped fine

¾ lb. onion ground or chopped fine

5 lbs. potatoes peeled and diced

2-17 oz. can corn

¾ cup tomato ketchup

3-10 ¾ oz. can tomato puree

Juice of one lemon

¾ cup distilled vinegar

½ cup Worcestershire sauce

2 ½ tablespoon salt or more to taste

2 tablespoon black pepper

1 teaspoon cayenne (more if you like)


Ginny’s Note: Wild game adds a unique taste, and lends authenticity to the reputation of “road kill stew.” :-)

Directions: Boil mutton in enough water to cover it. Cook until tender, about 2-3 hours. Throw out the broth and bones. Chop meat fine. Set aside boiled chicken in 2 gallons of water in large kettle until tender. Grind smoked pork and combine with mutton. Add potatoes, cabbage, onion, corn, ketchup and one gallon of water to chicken broth. Bring to a boil. Meanwhile, chop chicken meat, discarding bones and skin. When potatoes are tender, add chicken, mutton, pork, lemon, salt, pepper, Worcestershire sauce

It is NOT a quick dish! If you want to try really good burgoo, I recommend The Moonlight Bar-B-Q Inn in Owensboro, Kentucky. You can order a jar of authentic burgoo from their website.

Thanks to everyone for the lively discussion! If you do read A Taste of Murder, I hope you’ll let me know what you think of it. Send me a note through the contact page of my website.

TRACY HERE: Thanks, Ginny, for a great contest, and an interesting recipe. If I get brave enough to try it, I'll let you know. If any of you Pixels try it, send us an e-mail and share your review of it!

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Jessica said...

Oh man, I'm sorry I missed the recipe contest. I have a great one for Chicken Gorgonzala.
Congrats to the winner!