Wednesday, January 7, 2009

What Will You Write in 2009

Set Goals for Your Writing This Year

At 11:30pm on the 31st December, 2008, I was not partying or looking forward to seeing the New Year in. Instead, along with my younger daughter and daughter-in-law, I was helping my dog deliver her first litter of puppies. She was tiring by number four and five and we broke the membranes around these puppies and stroked them with a paper towel to stimulate them. It was an awesome experience, sitting on the floor and witnessing the miracle of birth and new life – and how fitting as a new year always brings fresh hope and a chance to start anew.

With this in mind, I’ve been giving some thought to the days that lie ahead. By setting goals and planning, it’s possible to go into the future with hope and excitement. I do this each year with my writing and as I consider 2008, I am amazed at the progress I made and successes that came my way.

Why not set aside an hour and consider each of these points before writing down what you hope to do through your writing in 2009. As it has often been said, if you aim at nothing, that is exactly what you will get.

Why do I Write
What is your motivation for writing? Is it for money, personal satisfaction, recognition or to educate, entertain and inspire. For most people, it is a combination of the above. I love to hear back from people about my writing. Did it encourage them? Did it bring about a change of heart or the birth of a new dream? Words are like seeds and we have the privilege of sowing them into the lives of our readers. I believe we will never know how far the influence of our words extends.

What do I Write
I measure my words by the standards that God has set in His word. I won’t allow negativity, profanity, ridicule or any such things to flow from my pen. There is enough of that in the world and I would rather write words that will challenge, uplift and bring hope and positive change.

Who do I Write for
Apart from God, each of us has an audience for our writing. It may be family and friends, a following on the internet, the readership of a local newspaper or a church. Consider these people as you plan for 2009. What do they need to hear? What can you write that will enrich their lives? What areas are you knowledgeable in that can help others to grow?

What do I want to Achieve
Like any talent, writing skills improve with training and practice. I often get books out of the library on technique and grammar, knowing there is always space for improvement. I set a series of goals at the beginning of 2008 and although I didn’t achieve them all, I made great progress and ended the year with a string of successes and several trophies and awards. It was very fulfilling but I’m already looking to what this year will bring.

There are no certainties in life and I believe God has given each of us a compass as opposed to a map. If we point ourselves in the right direction, He will be our guide each step of the way. Set yourself some writing goals and start working towards them today. The rewards will be immense if you persevere.

Happy New Year and happy writing.

Debbie Roome works as a freelance writer from her home in New Zealand. Read some of her work at Suite 101 and Faithwriters.

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Emily M. Akin, writer-editor said...

Are the puppies Jack Russell Terriers? So cute.

Tracy Ruckman said...

Debbie - I so needed to hear this today. Thanks for a great, movtivating article.

Debbie Roome said...

Yes, both parents are Jack Russells. I think they'll grow into gorgeous dogs!

Lynda Schab said...

Yes! This was such a motivating and encouraging article. Excellent things to consider as we head into the new year. Thanks, Debbie!