Monday, January 26, 2009

Entry #1 Flash Fiction: In the Nick of Time

In the Nick of Time
by Mary M. Alward

A flash of bronze streaked from a thicket toward the herd of cattle. Luke turned his horse with a flick of the reins.

“Cougar!” he yelled.

Luke knew if the cougar reached the herd, the cattle would panic and stampede. The ranch hands certainly didn’t need that to content with on top of everything else that had happened lately.

He dug his spurs into the sides of his horse and headed toward the cougar at full gallop. His friend, Charley, was riding hard from the opposite direction, rifle poised. Luke hoped that Charley was quick enough to avert disaster.

A shot rang out! The cougar tumbled, regained its footing and vanished behind a cropping of rock.

Luke reined in his horse as he approached Charley and slid from the saddle. Charley dismounted and dusted off his riding breeches.

Luke slapped Charley on the back. “Good work,” he exclaimed. “and just in the nick of time.”

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Mary M. Alward

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Cleda said...

Very nice, Mary, short and sweet....

Mary said...

Thank you so much, Cleda. I appreciate your comments.