Thursday, January 29, 2009

Entry #2 Flash Fiction: Facing the Truth

Facing the Truth

by Kitty Justice

Marlene was still in great shape with only the lines of time visible on her face. Her riding breeches were much too tight for a young lady much less one of her advanced years. As she walked with the stealth of a and grace of a cougar, several new comers to the annual stampede along with all the locals followed her path with their eyes. The Stampede had started back in the fifties as an event to raise money for the elderly of the community. Never in Marlene's wildest dreams did she think it would include her. She refused to think of herself in those terms and dared anyone else to do so either. The event tables for the dinner were littered with place cards holding the names of those who she knew deserved to be there but then with a shock , she saw the undeniable truth in black and white. The card read "Marlene Havershaw " and it was sitting on the Elderly table. Just like the big cat that she reminded everyone when she moved around, she snatched the place card from it's honored place but before she could destroy the offending beacon of age, a steel hand grasped her wrist. She looked up at the tall dark man who would dare touch her and she flashed her dazing smiled and purred "I was only looking at the delicate penmanship."Jake Masters , the Chairman of this years event, knew this to be a bald face lie but accepted it as the truth for now.

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Kitty Justice

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Mary said...


Glad to see that you've submitted to the contest.

Cleda said...

Great Story Kitty, love it....